Circular Economy Research and Innovation Group

Circular Economy Research and Innovation Group

Visual Identity, Web Design

The Circular Economy Research and Innovation Group (CERIG) is a pioneering organization at the forefront of promoting sustainability and circular economy practices globally. 

Their mission is to accelerate innovation, foster research collaboration, and facilitate knowledge exchange in the circular economy domain. By focusing on reducing waste, maximizing resource efficiency, and promoting regenerative design, CERIG aims to create a more sustainable future for businesses, communities, and the environment.

We designed the website with a contemporary layout, incorporating intuitive navigation, and an inviting yet simple colour scheme to enhance the user experience. We placed a strong emphasis on responsive design to ensure the platform was accessible and visually appealing across various devices.

We wanted to make sure to establish a cohesive brand language that represented their values and mission. The chosen colour palette comprised earthy tones of blue and green, symbolizing growth, nature, and environmental consciousness. The website’s typography was selected to strike a balance between professionalism and approachability. We also opted for modern and readable fonts, which meant that complex research and technical content could remain accessible to its readers.

Being part of an initiative dedicated to driving positive change towards a circular economy was not only professionally rewarding but also personally fulfilling since our values and passions aligned well. Working with CERIG has further solidified our belief in the transformative potential of design as a catalyst for positive environmental and social impact.