Hacking 21st Century Issues : Cardiff University, South Wales Police

Cardiff University &
South Wales Police

Branding & Identity, Communications, Print Design, Website Design, Video Production

We worked with the Universities’ Police Science Institute and the Crime & Security Research Institute on their first Hackathon event with South Wales Police at Tramshed Tech in Cardiff.

The brief was to develop modern branding, produce branded merchandise, award certificates, marketing materials, create an online presence and event booking system to inform and manage attendees and to produce a documentary film to encapsulate the event.

The two organisations worked together to define a broad challenge which became the focus of the problem-solving event. A number of teams composed of police officers and staff, other public-sector practitioner partners, private sector stakeholders and academics worked together over two days to apply their knowledge and experience to that problem. Firstly, they identified the constituent issues and problems faced, before turning to the development of potential solutions.

The hackathon culminated in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch, where each group presented their ideas and findings to a judging panel. The teams competed for a ‘cash’ prize which has provided the winning team with a dedicated budget to refine and develop their ideas further, guiding appropriate multi-disciplinary practice development and interventions within their respective organisations.   

The winning team were given the broader theme of Road Safety in Major Cities and after analysing the data provided identified an area of Cardiff (St Mary’s Street) as being a hotspot for pedestrian road traffic incidents. The group developed an idea for a behavioural change intervention, and are currently using their funding to conduct further research.

Learn More: http://upsi.org.uk/projects-2/2019/1/2/hacking-through-the-issues-for-21st-century-policing