Open Source Communications, Analytics Research (OSCAR) Development Centre

Partners in the OSCAR Centre: Cardiff University // National Counter-Terrorism Functions Command // South Wales Police // Surrey Police // Sussex Police // Safer Sutton Partnership // Cardiff Council // West Midlands Police and the University of Surrey

Services: Communications, Events Management, Marketing, Design, Data Visualisation a

The Open Source Communications, Analytics Research (OSCAR) Development Centre is an innovative, multi-disciplinary Centre which brought together academics and police practitioners to develop a research evidence base around the use of open source social media information for policing and community safety services. Funded by the Home Office / HEFCE / and the College of Policing, the centre is working to develop open source methodologies, technologies and insights that will shape the future of policing.

We worked with the OSCAR Centre from inception to completion, creating their logo and identity, designing research output materials including policy briefings and reports, we managed their engagement events, liaised with stakeholders and handled communications and media relations. Due to the nature of the project and the partners involved, communications had to be handled sensitively. Some of the project outputs remain restricted. A gallery of some of our work on the project is below.