See Monkey Songs, Film & TV Industry Launch

Venue: Porters, Cardiff

Partners: See Monkey Songs

Music Performers: Charlotte Church, Metabeats, KEYS, We Are Animal, Kizzy Crawford, Sion Russell Jones, Rowan James, Little Arrow, Winter Villains and Sera

The purpose was to launch a new music publishing and synchronization company licensing music for placements in adverts, television and film. The event was a ‘Jools Holland’ style music event showcasing a selection of the company’s artists with the audience moving between two main stages; as well as a cinema room and an outdoor space with street food, outdoor games (inc. mini golf) and acoustic performances.

Guests: Invitation only event with guests from all of the major television and film production companies, studios and broadcasters in Wales including the BBC, S4C and ITV; as well as senior representatives of the Welsh Government, Arts Council of Wales, Sgrin and Cardiff Council.