Youth Work Week 2023 CWVYS Cymru


Marketing & Promotion
Design, Print, Animation

CWVYS (the Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services) are an independent representative body which aims to represent, support and give a collective voice to its membership of national and local organisations in their work with over 250,000 young people in Wales.

We worked with CWVYS to develop a visual identity for this year’s Youth Work Week showcase event at the Millennium centre on the 27th of June 2023, which aimed to highlight and celebrate the positive impact that Youth Work has across Wales. We designed the marketing and promotional materials for the event itself and the social media campaign leading up to it. We created a range of bilingual assets including animated / motion graphics for social media channels, as well as postcards, flyers and lanyards.

One of the biggest elements to this project was generating social media engagement on the day of the event. We spent the day at the event talking to staff and attendees, taking photos and sharing glimpses of the days performances online. We also designed some photo prop frames that people could take pictures with, this created a lot of engagement within the event itself since it allowed people to get involved with the message.

As well as our involvement in the project, it was also inspiring to witness the event itself and to see first hand the effect that Youth Work has had on children around Wales. There was so much passion and dedication expressed towards the importance of these resources through the many presentations and performances given at the showcase event; it was a privelege to have been a part of it.